I’m Cris Aboobaker

Thinkabytes is the product of my variegated professional life

I’ve held positions variously called market research, consumer behavior, strategic planning and account planning at general market agencies McCann Erickson and JWT.    I’ve held positions variously called strategic planning, consumer insights and audience insights at Turner Broadcasting.    The work has ranged from writing new product concepts and communication strategies to analyzing complex databases.   From the nuts and bolts of research and analysis to creative strategic thinking.   The context has ranged from packaged goods advertising to digital content properties.

But there is a commonality to everything I’ve done.    It boils down to the question:  what does it mean?    Here’s all the data, the information, but what does it mean?    What does it say about evolving market dynamics?   What does it say about what the consumer is really doing out there in the world?   What does suggest about how the consumer thinks and feels?   What does it imply about what will happen next and what we should do about it…what strategy or concept emerges from the data?

Thinkabytes explores these questions across a range of public domain data and information, drawing on experiences from the facets of my professional life.    The focus is mostly on digital media, my most recent beat, but I’ll stray to traditional media, brand dynamics, advertising effectiveness and other areas I’ve been involved in.

Thinkabytes is the public reflection of what I’m thinking and writing about…

And you, my reader, I hope my Thinkabytes give you something to think about too.

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My contact info: Cris@thinkabytes.com


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