Consulting Practice

The Clients I Work With

Media companies, advertising agencies, research vendors and other players in the media space.

NBC Universal and NewMediaMetrics Inc. are current clients.

The Problem I Solve

Strategic questions need to be illuminated by analysis of data and information

Data needs to be analyzed and mined for implications and strategic direction

Insightful reports, management level presentations and actionable concepts need to be generated from the data

In-house staff and resources are too stretched to deliver this work on timetable

The Unique Skills I Bring

Rigorous and credible data analysis combined with insightful and actionable strategic thinking

Experience working across a wide range of sources for both traditional and digital media

Ability to integrate information across consumer and business sources to build the big picture

Focus on seeing the world through a consumer behavior lens

Ability to communicate effectively with management, research, editorial, production and technology

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